Creative and robust academic work entails a close collaboration with scholars of different disciplines. For this reason, after defending my dissertation I took a leadership role in two multi-disciplinary research projects on citizenship and migration.


Currently, I am the Scientific Coordinator of the nccr – on the move at the University of Neuchâtel and I also work as Research Associate of GLOBALCIT at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. Being part of these projects has enabled me to strengthen my capacities at project coordination, dissemination, and networking, while simultaneously allowing me to consolidate my own research agenda in the interrelated fields of citizenship, migration and mobility. 

At the nccr – on the move, I contribute to the development of the graduate programme for twenty-five doctoral researchers from ten different universities with different disciplinary backgrounds. I coordinate the institutionalisation of a large international conference (the Migration and Mobility Studies Conference, link to the 2019 edition) regular workshops (the Research Days), seminars (the Core Courses), and help to connect the graduates’ different research agendas through an umbrella-programme on the study of migration and mobility. In addition to organising doctoral training and workshops, this programme has a wider outreach. I engage in the production of a series of short clips on our YouTube channel for doctoral students to present research findings (link) and also develop interactive visualisations on our Tableau repository (link).

At GLOBALCIT, I contribute to the expansion of the online resources. In particular, I developed the Conditions for Electoral Rights dataset, the section on infographics (link), and I expanded the scope of the blog (link).